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American Built BlackOut (DPSC) 6.5 HP "Clone Engine"


American Built 6.5HP OHV (196cc) Engine. This is our in house motor it has Great aftermarket support  

(DPSC) Detroit Power Sport Club Engines includes installed bumped up Race cam, T6 Treated Performance cast rod, T6 Treated Stock Piston, JT cylinder head, Stock valve springs, High quality gaskets, Balanced Hardened Max Stroke Crankshaft (2.125-2.133), Throttle Return Spring and Pull Rod. NEW (Race Ready Ruixing Carburetor, Tuned and Jetted Main .038", Low Speed .022") Blackout! Blower housing, Crank rope, Large metal shroud, and Valve cover. (Does not include Flywheel, top plate, air filter adapter, chain guard, fuel pump, air filter.)

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